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The Writer

I am neither a #1 best-selling author nor a financial advisor. This blog follows my personal journey toward financial excellence, driven by my passion for identifying market opportunities and owning successful businesses. I hope you find inspiration and valuable insights as you explore the articles, newsletters, and curated book list on this site.


Origin Story


During an exchange year in the US in 2015, I took a financial markets course where we competed for the best returns on a stock simulator. I inevitably was not even close to the top of the field. Nonetheless, the allure of investing captivated my teenage self.


Thanks to my military paycheck and a part-time job at Tesla, I could afford to buy my first stocks. Due to more luck than genius, my portfolio steadily grew over the following years.


At the outset of the Corona pandemic, the stock market came crashing down. It was my first big financial setback since the stock simulator fiasco. Just this time real money and real businesses were involved. Inspired by Buffett's wisdom to hold on for dear life in a crisis, I didn’t sell and by the summer of that same year witnessed the fastest stock market recovery in history.


The rollercoaster ride over the past four years left me questioning my investing approach. Until then, I chose stocks more out of intuition than valuation. It occurred to me that sharing my ideas would hold me more accountable and perhaps offer some valuable insights to other investors. In light of a historical fiction project, I chose the main character to pose as my alias and created the blog.


My stock picks had gotten off to a rocky start. Nevertheless, good things take time and whenever I contemplate my next move and find the time to write about it, I share my insights on stocks, private equity, and the finance industry. Unlike an algorithmic machine churning out constant stock pitches, I also include sometimes articles on broader life concerns outside of finance.

I hope you find inspiration and valuable insights as you wander through here. If you have any feedback, differing opinions, or questions about my writing, feel free to reach out to me at


Until then, thank you for reading.

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