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Portfolio Tracker

Below you will find a complete overview of all stock pitches made on this website. For further information see disclosure policy. Invest at own risk.

-6.21% Portfolio Loss

vs 37.28% S&P 500 Gain

20240315 Portfolio Tracker.png




Our portfolio tracker is designed to provide a clear view of investment performance, starting with an initial investment of $100,000. The investment strategy is dynamic and evolves with each new stock pitch. 1) Initial Investment: The entire sum of $100,000 is invested in the first stock. 2) Diversification Strategy: Upon the introduction of a second stock pitch, the portfolio undergoes its first diversification. This involves selling half of the first stock (50% of the portfolio) on the day of the second stock pitch. The proceeds from this sale are then reinvested into the second stock, achieving a 50/50 diversification between the two stocks. 3) Rebalancing with New Additions: When a third stock is pitched, the portfolio is rebalanced. This involves divesting 1/3 of the total portfolio value across the existing stocks and reinvesting it into the new, third stock. This process ensures an equal distribution among the three stocks. 4) Partial Divestment for New Investments: It’s important to note that divestment in existing stock positions only occurs when a new stock is added to the portfolio. This strategy is pivotal in maintaining a balanced and diversified investment portfolio. Handling Defaults: In the event of a stock defaulting, the invested amount in that particular stock is considered a loss. However, the portfolio’s performance can still recover through the outperformance of the remaining and newly added stocks.

Long Positions

Fiverr International
Position entered on December 28, 2023

at $28.07

Price on March 15, 2024

at $21.37

-23.87% Loss

CrowdStrike Holdings
Position entered on June 22, 2022

at $165.71

Price on March 15, 2024

at $315.65

90.48% Gain

Closed Positions

SVB Financial Group

Position entered on October 24, 2022

at $230.10

Default on March 10, 2023

at $0

-100% Loss

Last updated March 15, 2024

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